Learning the Constitution

The way the Constitution of India is taught in Indian Law Schools is really worrisome, as there is no open space for the students to think clearly about the Constitution of India and discuss contemporary issues!

The questions which are raised by the students during the class hours (and which are generally of great relevance to Constitutional Law and its jurisprudence) are classified as ‘stupid questions’ or are rejected outrightly. On top of that, we are living in such times when the compliance to Constitutional Law and its principles by the various organs of the state is rarely seen. All of this, among other reasons as well, has led to students disliking the subject and the students think the subject is really tough and boring.

The COVID-19 has made campuses go online and the libraries are dearly missed by the students. During the pandemic, many students feel the need to have extra-classes to better understand the concepts and principles of Constitutional Law (I and II).

In light of this, we are starting this initiative wherein we will take students in small batches from different institutions and try to clear their doubts and teach them different concepts/principles related to Constitutional Law and governance. These sessions are not free of cost. It will be conducted twice a week and in total 8 sessions. The sessions will be conducted by Chaitanya Singh, founder, and Editor of Constitutional Renaissance Blog along with some guest speaker(s).

Note: Feedback/testimonials from the previous batches are in the comment session below.

If you are interested, then kindly fill in this form: click here.

Note: There is only one request for all, this is not a normal classroom, please make sure to turn on your cameras and participate. Asking a lot of questions does not show that you are dumb, but it shows that you are willing to learn.

12 Replies to “Learning the Constitution”

    1. Today was my first lecture, and I was totally amazed by the session. It was quite interactive and Chaitanya made it so easier to understand with basic concepts. To get a grasp of something one must be interactive too.
      Thank you so much. Looking forward for the more sessions.

  1. I participated in the first lecture and unlike traditional teaching where barely the articles are taught, there was discussion of various case laws as well. Chaitanya taught in comprehensible language and the class was interactive. Thank you for such a great session.

  2. The sessions are really great and fruitful. They helps in laying down strong foundations of constitutional law. Thanks for such great sessions !!!

  3. The session was intriguing, insightful and fruitful to me. I had a great time interacting over the basics of constitution and constitutional law. The sessions can be easily understood by everyone.
    Looking forward to the next one:)

  4. It is really an insightful session.One gets a brief background of constitution with all relevant case laws, roles & powers of governmental bodies.Discussions were also held regarding the relation of constitution with current scenarios.
    This is recommended if you are interested to know more about constitutional law.

  5. The sessions were quite informative and interactive which made learning more interesting. I not only learned the concept but it’s present day application as well in the sessions.

  6. The sessions are really really good and very much interactive. In subjects like constitution, it is important to understand the concept, and no doubt our concepts are so clear, the discussions are very practical, that what exactly happening today, and I think it is worth, because for reading constitution it is essential to feel the ground reality of our nation. And according to me, through this platform, we all are realising the real meaning of constitution, the discussions are very basic, with supporting case laws, contemporary issues. I was interested in the subject, but after attending classes, I started taking more interest, and it gives me satisfaction that I know that much about our constitution of India. I am expecting the same in coming sessions. All the best.

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