About the Blog

The Constitutional Renaissance initiative aims to simplify the intricacies of the Indian Constitution and explain diverse issues through the lens of the Constitution. We believe people are the true sovereigns and beings with informed rights, for they are the source of trust in governance and foundations of legitimacy. We endeavour to engage with a set of diverse political and philosophical values that are fundamental to the “Holy Text”. We seek to glorify the democratic spirit of the Constitution and imbibe Constitutional Objectivity in every citizen, as the democratic values keep body and soul together where the people at large and the persons’ in-charge of the institution are strictly guided by the set constitutional parameters. The primary focus – though not exclusive- of this blog is upon the text, history, philosophy, interpretation, and values of the Constitution.

The Constitutional Renaissance Blog is an initiative that focuses on simplifying the various domains of the Constitution and aspires to inculcate the philosophies and the values of the Constitution in every citizen, to make them the veracious ‘watchdogs’ of this Great Democracy. Our focus is to inspire the stakeholders, and give them a platform to learn and explore the Constitution.

We will be uploading the materials referred to in this blog titled ‘Constitution Database‘ section. But if you are not able to find them we will be happy to provide soft copies of articles or through other sources, via email, in case you don’t have access to the databases on which they are stored.

Please feel free to write to us at constitutionalrenaissanceblog@gmail.com

  • Chaitanya Singh, Founding Editor